We begin here …

Following a financial kerfuffle of no small proportions, I found my websites had vanished due to an inability to pay hosting costs. It was not fun. It was even sorrowful to lose all the mounds of words I had built up over so many years.

But there was an upside. It was an opportunity to start from scratch and focus on what I care about: fiction and poetry. So that is what I did, and continue to do. Build something more reflective of me, ‘a fabulist of modest means’. For good or ill.

It’s the new BillWren.com and only time will tell what it becomes. At the very least I am certain it will be an adventure.


Books by William Wren

You can view William Wren’s Amazon Author Page here. Currently available as e-books on Amazon and Kobo:

There Will Be Cats (and They Will Be Gone)

There Will Be Cats” doesn’t pretend to understand cats. It reflects how they appear to us: loving, warring, fickle, and apparently running the show…

There Will Be Cats
(and They Will Be Gone)
feline poems

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Disrupted Lives and Other Commotions

Often funny, always in conflict with our sense of how the world should operate, the stories of Disrupted Lives embrace a life that takes directions we don’t expect and can’t explain …

Disrupted Lives
and Other Commotions


By Meters or By Miles

By meters or by miles over fences, over stiles, my path the solitude of highways, enduring every weather’s trials. Through parking lots of asphalt want, bureaucracies, and their tedious wiles; evading sleepless pumice stones of worry, the dull-eyed queues of waiting aisles; tenaciously I’m coming back by meters or by miles. My goal is set. …